Have You Heard Of The Belly Button Challenge?

A new, weird trend is becoming more and more viral throughout China, having thousands of people posting their selfies of their attempts – it’s the “Belly Button Challenge.”
This challenge is quite simple. It involves people wrapping an arm around their waists, in an attempt to see if they can touch their belly buttons. Apparently, if you prove to be successful, it would prove that you’re in good shape and if you failed, you would need to lose some weight.

This challenge is very similar to the “Thigh Gap” challenge that sprung up previously on social media, where it was stressed that if you didn’t have a thigh gap, then you were considered overweight.
Apparently, this challenge has originated from an unknown “scientific U.S. study,” but the study has not yet been cited or found at all. A lot of people think is complete BS.
Throughout social media, people have been posting up their completions and failures at the challenge. Since Wednesday, the challenge has spanned over 130 million hits and has become the No. 1 trending topic on Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter.
From the looks of it, this challenge is mostly all about flexibility. One girl who claimed that she was 88 pounds, couldn’t even complete the challenge.
belly button challenge
[Image via Weibo]
But, in all honesty, being skinny is not everything. This challenge is probably the last thing girls need to be worried about. This challenge just seems to be another way to judge women bodies for not being “good enough.” Instead of popularizing this challenge, we just need to start embracing ladies for being just as they are and quit making them feel like crap because they don’t fit into mainstream society’s perception of what the “perfect girl” should look like.
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