Ed Westwick: 15 Sexiest Photos On The Internet

We may have said goodbye to the beloved TV series Gossip Girl in 2012, but we definitely haven’t been able to say goodbye to keeping tabs on our favorite star, Ed Westwick. As we fell in love with the always seductive, sly and stylish ways of Chuck Bass throughout the 6 seasons of GG, it turns out we just weren’t able to forget about this playboy easily enough. Lately, Westwick has been seen with his trusty sidekick, Chase Crawford, roaming Los Angeles and New York City as they both prep for their roles on the new ABC dramas, Wicked City and Oil. Though we haven’t heard much about him since his Gossip Girl days, the man seems to be doing better than ever. We’re waiting for him to pursue his claimed dream job of becoming a landscape gardener, but in the mean time, we have no problem resurfacing pictures of this classic stud. Here are our 15 hottest pictures of Ed Westwick.


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