10 Signs You Eat Too Much Fast Food

Fast food is a good thing. It’s cheap, it’s easy, it’s yummy and it sure beats the hell out of whatever nonsense your cafeteria is serving. But let’s face it: It isn’t the healthiest thing out there and if you routinely grab it, prices start to mount real fast.
Since we’re not in the business of judging or scolding, we’ve decided to shed some light on the question nearly every college student faces: “Do I eat too much fast food?” If many of these statements apply to you, you just might.

1. Your mom asks you what you’re having for dinner every day.

And sometimes suggests you make some pasta because she knows she can’t tell you what to do anymore but really, really wants to.

2. You get asked out and when he/she asks you where you want go…

Your thought process is like, “How do I make Taco Bell romantic?”

3. You’ve found packets of McDonald’s buffalo sauce in more than one purse.

Wait. Just me?

4. The easiest decision you make every day is when you have to answer the question, “Do you want fries with that?”

And the answer is always yes.

5. You have a reputation as “the girl who always brings a large fountain soda to class.”

Hydration is key, y’all.

6. You don’t need to sit down to enjoy a meal.

Inhaling a burger while walking is more your speed.

7. Your garbage can is filled with fast food wrappers.


8. The cashier at your local Arby’s knows you by name.

And remembers your order most of the time too.

9. Most of the charges on your credit card are for less than $10.

You live the frugal life.

10. You literally don’t know how to boil water for pasta.

It’s super easy, I promise!
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