Mom Claims A Bakery Put A Vag On The Teddy Bear On Her Daughter’s Cake

Teddy bears. Unless they’re next to Mark Wahlberg and have an affinity for smoking weed, they’re pretty much the most innocent thing on the planet. So naturally they’d be a wonderful decorative image on a three year old’s cake for her christening…at least that is what Sharon Green thought. Unfortunately, the cake ordered from the U.K.’s Occasion Cakes was not exactly what she hoped for. Green claims that the “seams” in the teddy bear’s, well, lady parts makes it look as if the bear has a vagina, The Bolton News reports.

See for yourself.

Teddy cake

Green was pissed to say the least, but for the display she covered the teddy bear’s vajayjay with fondant flowers. Which might actually be more suggestive than the crease, IMO.

Teddy with flowers

The outraged mama did not serve the cake and demanded a refund from the bakery for what she found to be a vulgar piece, but the shop said, “That’s not a vag, crazy pants.” Well, not exactly. They did actually say, “The small bear on top of the cake is exactly that — a teddy bear — and the crease on its stomach is supposed to represent the seam where the bear is sewn together.” They even note that the male teddies have one too.

vagina bear letter

Can’t we all just do the right thing here – giggle to each other about the curiously placed line? We’re pretty sure little Tahlia would enjoy the cake just fine, vagina bear or not.

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