Feminist Group Calls Out Sexist Ads Around NYC In The Most Awesome Way

A women’s group has been calling out sexist advertisements around New York City, and it’s absolutely amazing.
A lot of native New Yorkers have been taking notice of the vintage “This Oppresses Women” stickers that the group has been placing on various ads for “beach bodies” and “breast augmentations” within New York City’s subways.

The groups that have been behind this movement are The National Women’s Liberation and Redstockings. Erin Mahoney of the National Women’s Liberation group stated, “Women are sick of being bombarded with advertisements that depict women only as sexual objects. Women are fighting back and using the vintage sticker to do it. It’s exciting.”
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The group is very hopeful that the stickers will create more awareness about the realities of how women’s bodies are portrayed in the media. In addition to this, they hope it will show how this portrayal is contributing to the over-sexualization of women and allowing a culture for sexual harassment to exist in our society.
By bringing attention to an issue such as this publicly, it lets people know that something like this not acceptable and sends out the powerful message that women should not need to strive for something that is unrealistic.
This movement is extremely important, IMO. It is important because of the fact that advertisements like these, that are specifically targeted towards women, are affecting their body image.
These advertisements are pushing a certain standard of beauty, by promoting an idea that “you’re not good enough unless you look like this” instead of promoting an idea of having self-confidence and believing that you’re perfect just as you are.
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