Wednesday Workout: Strengthen Your Core With These 5 Physio Ball Moves

The physio ball, also known as the Swiss ball, in many ways has become an essential tool in any gym, home gym, and exercise studio. Its diversity as an exercise tool, as well as its affordability, has allowed for the physio ball to integrate itself into a wide spectrum of disciplines. From professional sports to rehabilitation settings, the versatility of a physio ball is only really limited to that of your own creativity. Need a new chair for your office or dorm room? Than why not invest in one that is cheep, fun, and can provide you with an excellent workout. Just try not to roll it out for a guest seat after a night of partying (that probably wont end well!).
The physio ball is most often used to help strengthen the core muscles, which aside from keeping your belly looking nice in that new bikini, are an important part of your daily life. So without further ado, here are some great exercises that will help you engage your entire core (not just the ones you can see in the mirror).

Whether you are just diving into the realm of working out or are a regular fitness enthusiast, always remember that as much fun as physio ball exercises may be, if not taken seriously, injuries can occur.  If you’re just starting out, try practicing these exercises on the floor before advancing to the physio ball. So get out there and grab your self some balls…physio balls that is.

Story & images by fitness instructor Mike Habersaat. Check back every week for more moves to get you looking and feeling fantastic! 

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