Wednesday Workout: Learning To Do Pull-Ups Like A Pro

Pull-ups, No, not those special diapers you used as a child, the other kind, the more intense kind, yes indeed those. Now some of you reading, may already be quite adept at this exercise, while others may feel it is a feat that its well beyond your limitations. The answer to that is no, no it is not. Like all things in life, practice does indeed make perfect, as long as you know the right way to practice. Relying on similar methods as teaching children to walk, we will take it one step at a time. First beginning by strengthening the muscle groups involved, and then modifying the exercise itself, increasing its intensity little by little.
In order to perform a pull-up the muscle groups involved in the motion must be strong enough to handle it. While the Lats are typically depicted as the muscle group being worked during this exercise, they are not the only major muscle group in the back that is engaged in this exercise; several muscles in the arms are also important contributors. Although there are several other variations of pull-ups, each with their own specific purpose, we will focus on the standard pull-up for simplistic learning.

Story & images by fitness instructor Mike Habersaat

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