Wednesday Workout: 5 Equipment-Free Outdoor Cardio Moves You Can Do Anywhere

The summer months have finally arrived! After many hours of dedicated gym time and careful eating, the moment has come to show the world that all your hard work has paid off, looking good and most importantly, feeling good. With great weather and exciting activities on the horizon, it is easy to forget all the fitness gains you have made and neglect your carefully planned gym schedule in the process. Who really wants to retreat back indoors to the gym after being set free from hours working in the office or that summer internship? Why do you have to choose, between your tan or your tone? The answer is, you don’t!
Along with warm and beautiful weather, the summer months come with an ample amount of new activities that will keep you fit and provide the fun and excitement you have been looking for. It is important to keep in mind that a summer workout can be done anywhere. It just takes a little planning and creativity. If you’re not feeling very creative today, let us help. No need to go to the gym, all of these great cardio exercises can be done in your own back yard, at the park, or at the beach. Here are five moves to get your heart pumping.

All of these exercises can be modified based on your own fitness level and abilities. While speed is the primary goal with most of these exercises, start slow and gradually increase your pace. Know your body and its limitations. If you are just starting out, perform a few repetitions two to three times. Others can try and challenge themselves by seeing how many repetitions they can achieve in a set time such as a thirty second to minute bursts. You can either use all five as their own work or supplement them into your regular routine, picking and choosing which and where you would like to use them. Just stay safe, have fun, and enjoy the sun. The ball is in your court, you control your workout.

Story & images by fitness instructor Mike Habersaat

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