Your Lululemon Hoodie Might Take Out Your Eyes – The Company Is Recalling 300,000+ Products

If you haven’t been able to rationalize spending upwards of $100 on a workout hoodie, you actually might have saved yourself a lot more than money.
Lululemon issued a recall two years ago for selling see-through yoga pants, but today the athletic wear company announced that they are recalling potentially dangerous elastic drawstrings with metal or plastic tips in 318,000 women’s hoodies. This after receiving multiple complaints of injuries to the eyes and face from customers. Twenty-three products, mostly sold before 2014, are included in the recall.
lululemon recall jacket hoodie
According to The New York Times, Lululemon spokesperson Alecia Pulman said although no injuries reported were serious, “Our main priority is ensuring our product works for our guests, and we believe this is the necessary proactive action.”
Bummer for those who have one. Seriously. But you can either take out the eye-poking cords or contact Lululemon to trade in your cords with nonelastic ones. (Have fun to those trying to string those through! We all know trying to restring those things are the worst.)
Get all the information on the recall from Lululemon’s Safety Notice, and check if your favorite workout jacket has been recalled on the Consumer Product Safety Commission‘s website.

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