How To Scare A Guy Away Via Text In 10 Easy Steps

We know you agree with us when we say texting is the worst part of dating. The textpectation after initiating a conversation, awkward autocorrections, and those dreaded “Read” receipts. What kind of devil invented those?! Texting feels especially vital during the first few weeks of dating a guy. Unless you’re lucky enough to share a class with him three times a week or get stuck on the same shift at work, this is your main source of communication. Don’t worry though – just because you don’t see each other face-to-face often doesn’t mean you won’t screw this up somehow. Just follow these steps to ensure you’ll never score a second date, and possibly have this guy double locking his door at night.

1. Use lots of emoji

2. Respond immediately to every text

3. Send super short responses

4. Never initiate the conversation

5. Use AIM slang

Reasons Texting Is The Absolute WORST Part About Dating

6. Triple text

7. Drunk text

8. Use pet names

9. Talk about touchy subjects

10. Seek his approval

On second thought, maybe try these texts instead…

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