10 Things You Should Always Say YES To

Saying yes to most things is seldom easy, but there are just some things in life that refuse to take no for an answer. Here are a few things that you should always says yes to, no matter what’s standing in your way.

1. Pizza

We don’t care if you’re on a diet or need to eat healthier, you should never E V E R deny your right to a greasy, cheesy, mouth-watering slice of pizza. If you think about it, pizza is actually pretty healthy for you. It’s made with tomato: has vitamins A and C, cheese: has lots of protein, and dough: good for the soul. It’s the best drunk AND sober eat, can be served with various toppings, and even the worst pizza is still pretty darn bangin’. Having even just one slice of God’s greatest gift to earth has absolutely no disadvantages, and you know we’re right.

2. Going Out

Friday night, Sunday morning, Wednesday afternoon. One should ALWAYS say yes to going out. Sure, we get that work and studying is usually more important than a night on the town, but if you really put an effort into it, you can almost always find a little bit of free time to dedicate to a couple of drinks at the bar. Life is short, college is short, and there’s only so much time before being able to grab a drink (or 7) with your friends won’t be so easy to do anymore. So have at it while you still can, people!

3. Netflix

We can pretty much all agree that Netflix is the most magical internet portal to ever have been created in this life of sin. We’ve never known a human being to ever ask the question, “Should I watch Netflix right now?” and say, “No, better not.” And why would you, anyways? Rom Coms, TV shows, & original series ga-lore. I mean seriously, it even has Friends. How can you say no to Friends?

4. A Date

Honestly, what have you ever got to lose by to saying “yes” to a date? You may think you’re going out on a date with the weirdest dude of all time, but once you sit down and get to know him a little better, he might just be the knight in shining armor you’ve been looking for all of your life. And hey, even if he sucks, nothing makes a sub-par conversation more worth your while than free food and free drinks.

5. Brunch

This definitely goes along with going out, but everybody knows that brunch is *and will always be* the best meal to have ever been invented. If you think about it, brunch is one of the few justified events where it is one hundo percent acceptable to get extremely buzzed to totally inebriated before noon time even hits. Not only can you choose to have breakfast for lunch or lunch for breakfast, but you can do so while sipping on endless mimosas and bloody Marys. Not to mention, brunch is also the best hangover cure to follow a rough Saturday evening.

6.  A DFMO (Dance Floor Make Out) 

With the exception of being married or in a serious relationship, there’s usually no reason to reject a DFMO. By the time you’ve already hit the dance floor with your fella friend, the DFMO sequence has already been enacted. There ain’t no shame in a little flirtatious canoodling when you’re already feelin’ some typa way.

7. Guac

“Do you want guac with that?” F yes, we want guac with that. Nothing makes Mexican food/tortilla chips/every food ever even more saintly than adding a heaping wad of creamy guacamole to it. It is 500 percent of the time worth sparing the extra cash.

8. The Gym 

Ugh, we know. The gym is absolutely not a lazy person’s Mecca. But staying in shape, especially while you’re still young, wild n’ free, is low-key really important. It is possibly the hardest thing in the world to motivate yourself to get up and go, but once you’re rockin’ out to a killer playlist on the treadmill, turning up the volume and starting to break a sweat, there’s no better feeling. Plus, it’ll make adding the extra guac extra worth it.

9. Splurging A Little 

When money is tight, the last thing you want to do is spend. However, unless you’re broke, spending a couple extra bucks on something you’ve been dying to do or have is always a reason to say yes. It is the truest struggle when your mind says yes and your bank account says NO, but if there’s a little wiggle room to ball out on something special, go for glory.

10. Travel 

Opportunity for travel doesn’t typically roll around very often, but when it does, ALWAYS say yes. The word is a big, beautiful place and has some pretty neat stuff to offer, so take advantage of every possibility to explore while you can. Full bragging rights about how ~cultured~ you are is something nobody can take away from you.

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