OITNB Season 3: 50 Lingering Questions We Still Have

It’s a very easy show to binge-watch, so if you haven’t finished the third season of OITNB, you must have a really, really busy schedule.
But chances are if you are anything like the rest of the world, you have already finished. And, never one to ease up on the cliff-hangers, this season left us with a few boiling questions that we are going to have to wait another excruciating year to have answered.
Although, thanks to Laura Prepon’s potential spoiler alert—some of them may have already been answered. Either way, here are 50 questions you still have after finishing the season 3 finale of Orange is the New Black:
1. Is Alex dead?
2. Is Piper going to feel bad for not believing all her paranoia this season?

3. Are they ever going to get back together?
4. Where is Nicky…?
5. Is she okay?
6. She’s coming back, right?
7. Of course she’s coming back… but when?!
8. Did Morello really just get married?
9. Is the husband going to find out about all the stalking “behavior” in her past?
10. Is the beating he gave Christopher going to come back to haunt him?
11. OH MY GOD! Is he going to wind up in jail too?! (Oh right… all women’s prison…)
12. Is she going to get pregnant from that little impromptu conjugal visit they had after the “wedding”?

13. Did Bennett have something to do with Cesar getting arrested?
14. Is Cesar going to somehow throw Bennett under the bus about, you know, knocking up an inmate and all?
15. What is going to happen to Daya’s baby?
16. Speaking of Bennett, where did he go?
17. What has he been doing?
18. When is Pornstache getting out of jail?

19. Is he going to adopt Daya’s baby?
20. Is Pornstache’s mom going to find out that Daya’s mother, Aledia, lied about the baby dying?
21. What is going to happen to Judy King at Litchfield?
22. How are Boo and Pennsatucky going to handle keeping Coates away from the new van driver, Maritza Ramos?
23. Are Crazy Eyes and Maureen going to DTR (define the relationship)?
24. Is Crazy Eyes done with her…..colorful… erotic fiction writing for good?

25. Why didn’t the prison guards come down to the lake? That was a really long time to be swimming without anyone getting them back inside…
26. What are the consequences going to be for that lake adventure?
27. What’s going to be the end result of union battle with the prison guards?
28. Are the guards going to forgive Caputo?
29. If Vause isn’t dead, is she going to want to get back together with Piper?

30. Is Stella, aka the beautiful Ruby Rose, going to be unable to leave now?
31. Is she going to retaliate against Piper?
31. Is Piper going to get an infection from all these tattoos she’s giving herself?
33. Is Sophia okay?
34. Is the dirty panty business going to plummet?
35. What is going on with Healy and Red?
36. Does Healy creep ANYONE else as much as he creeps me out?
37. What’s going on with Poussey’s drinking problem?
38. Are Caputo and Fig going to knock it off and stop grossing us out?

39. Or are they going to wind up together and creating an epic romance?
40. Is anyone going to address where Chang is getting her supply of oranges?
41. Is that how Poussey is making all this alcohol?
42. Are people going to continue worshiping Norma in Season 4?
43. Or is that finally over and done with because everyone agrees it is getting a little absurd?
44. Back to Piper. Has she completely lost her mind?

45. If Alex is dead, Piper is going to go even further off the deep end—right?
46. There is no way Stella will forgive her, right?
47. Will Stella be back next season?

48. Will she?!
49. She has to come back, right?
50. Promise??!?

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