Taylor Swift Continues to Give Us #SquadGoals

Another day, another event reminding us of all the perfection and living we’re missing out on by NOT being part of Taylor Swift‘s squad.
Seriously…Between single-handedly making Apple change their free streaming policies, to dating the hottest DJ in the game, to making us constantly jealous of her power posse of female friends, is there anything Swift isn’t doing lately?!
Although most people assumed the #SquadGoal feels couldn’t be more intense than they were watching her latest “Bad Blood” music video, this weekend the girls made a stop in London to join Swift on stage for her 1989 world tour.
The guests included Kendall Jenner, Karlie Kloss, Gigi Hadid, Martha Hunt, Cara Delevingne, and Serena Williams for one of the best, and biggest, joint on-stage meet-ups to date. Later, the girls joined Emma Watson and Kate Hudson back stage (seriously?!?!).
The 25-year-old singer brought the girls out while performing “Style,” the song that was allegedly inspired by ex-boyfriend Harry Styles. (See what she did there?)
Swift drew particular attention to Delevingne by saying, “London, England make some noise for my friend… One of your own, Care Delevingne!” (Cue Cara waving a massive Union Jack flag).
Considering the tour isn’t over and Swift has already had such major guest appearances, we’re looking forward to see what else the pop singer has up her sleeve!

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