Cheers To The Drunkest States In America – Where Does Yours Rank?

In America, we’re mostly proud of our strange drinking habits. Germany might have their boot, but we have the funnel (and we aren’t afraid to use it). But some states booze more than others. Are you proud of yourselves, Wisconsin?

drunkest states in America

The states with the highest percentage of drinkers who had at least one drink of alcohol within the past month are Wisconsin, Washington, DC, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. My guess is because most of those places are freezing and a heavy jacket isn’t quite enough. Ironically, West Virginia ranks in the bottom five states for percentage of drinkers – that number would probably be much lower if it weren’t for West Virginia University’s partying habits.

Flip through the gallery for some more stats on America’s drinking habits…they might surprise you.

[Story & images via Detox]

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