Star-Studded 'Mother's Day' Film Featuring Julia Roberts In The Works…Unfortunately

You made it through (most of) Valentine’s Day. Then you were forced to watch New Year’s Eve. Although these movies were pretty horrendous (just ask their 18% and 7% reviews, respectively, on Rotten Tomatoes), they made (a sh*t load of) money because even the strongest willed movie-goer thought “If someone convinced Julia Roberts AND Taylor Swift to be in this thing, it must be alright.” It’s okay, we were all fooled. Now director Garry Marshall is back to torture us with another star-studded feature film focused on the somewhat intertwined lives of mothers bound together by little more than the events happening on the same day – this time, Mother’s Day. Julia Roberts is set to star in the sure-to-be train wreck, probably because the director Marshall is who she owes her fame. This will be the fourth time Marshall and Roberts work together, following 1990’s Pretty Woman, 1999’s Runaway Bride, and 2010’s Valentine’s Day (aka the same exact movie as Mother’s Day). We have nothing against Julia Roberts – we actually adore her – but how does Marshall convince her and other big stars to agree to these crappy films? It’s probably a big paycheck for not a lot of filming time, but have some respect for yourselves, people! Roberts isn’t going to be the only A-lister to appear in Mother’s Day. Find out which other actors are in talks to join the film below. [Story via E!]

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