10 Reasons ‘One Tree Hill’ Is So Worth The Rewatch

I recently made the decision to hit up Netflix and watch One Tree Hill in all its soapy glory again. The verdict? It was one of the better decisions I’ve made in the past few weeks. Guys, this show is just as good the second (or eighth) time around – it has just about everything you could want from a TV show: Family drama, drug problems, premature marriage, cheating scandals (of both the academic and relationship variety), and a seriously creepy stalker. Oh, and the cast is really hot.

If you’re one the fence about going back, back to the beginning on this one, here’s my advice: Do it. Need a push? Okay, fine. Here are ten reasons you should totally take a trip to Tree Hill on your next lazy day. Fair warning: Spoilers appear below.

1. The theme song doesn’t suck.


Unless most show, this one has a theme song that only gets annoying once you’re like, ten episodes in (as opposed to two.)

2. It won’t make you feel like an Old Person.


I love all teen TV, but shows like Saved By The Bell make me feel ancient because all the characters just seem so…high school. Not the case on OTH – these characters basically live like 25 year olds most of the time.

3. Naley seems even more ridiculous the second time around.


SPOILER ALERT: They get married in high school. It’s always seemed totally off the wall to me, but it’s especially cray cray now that I’m legit ten years older than they are and just now getting to that whole marriage thing.

4. The love triangle is epic.


Do you ship Leyton or Brucas? You can literally go back and forth for hours about who Lucas Scott should be with in the end. I mean, there’s only right answer but you can try.

5. Lucas and Peyton are the best will-they-won’t-they couple since Ross and Rachel.


Their connection is REAL, y’all.

6. Sophia Bush is GOLD.


I may have wanted Peyton to end up with Lucas but let’s face it: Sophia Bush just slayed as Brooke Davis. She is gorgeous, funny, polarizing, sweet, caring, selfless, selfish, annoying, sassy, bitchy, lovable, and totally vulnerable (sometimes all at once). Her evolution throughout the series is a total treat.

7. The villains are awful.


And they always get what they deserve.

8. It will make you feel really good about your high school experience.


I will gladly take my lack of popularity over all the shit these kids have to deal with.

9. Lucas Scott.


So hot.

10. Nathan Scott.


Even hotter. That’s up for debate, though.


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