Girls Are Willingly Taking A Candle To Their Hair – Find Out Why

There’s no doubt that with your collection of curling irons and straighteners, your mom has yelled at you for “burning your hair off” (or at least that smell that takes over the house). Of course you would never really burn your hair with, say, fire or a candle. Except that’s exactly what girls are doing. Thanks to Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio, there might be a few heads up in flames in the name of getting rid of those annoying split ends.
Ambrosio posted a photo to Instagram of herself receiving a Brazilian hair treatment called velaterapia. It’s when the hair is twisted into small sections, and a flame is passed over it, singeing off the split ends sticking out. You still have to get a slight trim and a deep conditioning after, but you won’t need to chop nearly as much off to get healthy ends. It sounds insane, but from the looks of Alessandra’s locks, it works!

Thinking about trying the velaterapia hair treatment out for yourself? If you have a few hours, $150 to $200 in your wallet, the ability to ignore a smell as terrible as you can imagine, and a bit of bravery, go for it. This is definitely one of those beauty treatments that we recommended you do NOT try at home.

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