Hottest Baes Of The NCAA: Pac 12 Fraternities

The Pacific 12 Conference is home to some of the hottest schools in the country- in terms of climate (and men). Ladies, that means the shirts are off and we’re turned on. Going to class isn’t half as bad when you’re sitting next to a bunch of hunks. Then again, I guess it can also be distracting, but if worse comes to worse, you can always get an equally hot tutor. We searched long and hard (wink) to find the hottest fraternities on the West Coast. Are you a member of their sister sorority or a student at one of the Pac 12 schools? Then we want you – and so do these guys.
Our sister site,, is on the hunt for the smartest, coolest, overall most awesome college girl, and that could be you! Unfortunately, none of these men can enter the contest, but hopefully they can cheer you on and send some votes your way. Apply here for your chance at winning cash, clothing, gift cards to your favorite stores, and a party at your school. (Feel free to invite any one of these guys below, and good luck).

Ariana Grande Releases Statement Following Donut Licking Incident
Ariana Grande Releases Statement Following Donut Licking Incident
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