Did Someone Just Spoil The Season Finale Of Pretty Little Liars?

OMG, guys.
Seventeen.com shared the news that someone may have TOTALLY spoiled the ending to this season of Pretty Little Liars – rumor has it that a PA was fired from the show and decided to get revenge by leaking EVERYTHING. We’re talkin’ A’s identity and much more.
Not to be dramatic or anything but I literally stopped while walking down the street and stood there staring at my phone like a crazy person trying to decide whether or not to click on the story. I mean, on the one hand, I want to be surprised. On the other hand, It’s about damn time we got some answers. Eventually I clicked on the link, scanned it for a second and quickly shut it…..and I spend the next hour hating myself for doing so. I did spend enough time on the page to see who A is, according to the rumors at least. I won’t spoil it for you (you can head on over to Seventeen’s site if you really want to know) but I will say this: This person has certainly been a suspect for a while.
BUT because this is Pretty Little Liars, a show that has more fake-outs than a football game, even the spoilers are iffy. PLL‘s boss, I. Marlene King, took to Instagram to share a photo assuring us that this was all a rumor. “No one has been fired. No one has leaked the identity of Charles,” she posted.
Where do you guys stand on all this? Do you think the spoilers are real? Do you think I. Marlene King is just trying to save face? Do you think SHE planted them to misdirect us? Do you think we’ll ever actually find out who A is?
I don’t know about you guys, but Pretty Little Liars is the reason I have trust issues. I’m also fairly certain that I’ll be a 50 year old women still trying to figure it all out someday, so honestly? Even if I did find out A’s identity, I’m still confused, intrigued and slightly obsessed.
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