25 Lies Movies Told You About Dating

Anyone who has ever been remotely interested in a guy knows that love isn’t like the movies. Sure, growing up we all thought Prince Charming would ride up to our houses one day on his noble steed and sweep us off our feet, but now we realize we’d all be waiting a pretty long time for that guy to come around. Check out a few things that we realize now are far from the truth when it comes to dating.

1. Pretty Woman


When your guy messes up, he’ll come with roses in a limo to your door to apologize.

2. Frozen


You will decide after immediately after meeting someone that you should get married.

3. A Cinderella Story


You and your high school sweetheart will go to college together.

4. Beauty and the Beast 


If you take someone as prisoner, they will fall in love with you. (It will just land you in prison.)

5. Never Been Kissed 


So you lied about your identity and spied on him just to write a good story? Don’t worry. He’ll still love you.

6. The Little Mermaid


It’s totally cool to get married when you’re 16 to a guy you saw playing with his puppy on the beach.

7. Pride & Prejudice


Guys will openly tell you their affection. (LOLZ YEAH RIGHT.)

8. Spiderman


Kissing in the rain is romantic.

9. Lady and the Tramp


So is eating in an alley at night.

10. Twilight


Your guy can jump up a tree, run really fast, and climb up to your bedroom window.

11. Aladdin


And fly a magic carpet.

12. The Switch


 Your friend will accidentally hijack your pregnancy and you will fall in love.

13. The Back Up Plan


You meet the perfect man when you find out you’re expecting.

14. The Proposal


If you are forced to get engaged to your boss, no worries because you’ll probably fall in love.

15. Corpse Bride


Self explanatory on this one.

16. Something Borrowed


You can borrow your best friend’s fiancée.

17. The Wedding Planner


Or your client’s fiancée.

18. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World


You have to fight all of your significant other’s exes to win them over.

19. Enchanted


You can send your significant other a heart shape of flowers sent by doves to their work.

20. Snow White & Sleeping Beauty

1435672239-81bf2221-0637-47ce-b73d-216eecb13512 sleeping-beauty-kiss-o

Your prince will come save you from an evil lady and kiss you to wake up.

21. The Fault in Our Stars


Taking last minute getaway vacations with your significant other is totally doable.

22. Bride Wars


You and your best friend will get engaged, married in the same hotel, and have babies on the same days.

23. Legally Blonde


The bend-and-snap works EVERY TIME.

24. Sex and the City


Your significant other will be there waiting for you when you need them the most, you run dramatically to them and they shower you with affection. And proposes to you with a shoe.

25. The Princess and The Frog


A frog will turn into a prince – all you have to do is kiss it.

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