Survey Says There's A Good Chance You're Going To Marry Someone Within Your Major

Better start checking out those guys in your core classes. Priceonomics analyzed the most recent U.S. Census data and found that Americans marry people with the same major as themselves at “an unusually high rate.”
Now what exactly does that mean? Priceonomic’s definition of “unusually high” means that over 10 percent of all married American couples majored in the same subject. In 2014, there were more than 56 million married Americans, so 10 percent of that number is still a lot. The Census data doesn’t collect information about how or when people met, so you’re not limited to your college per se.
Theology and religion majors are most likely to marry each other. At 21 percent, they have the highest rate by far (but no one is shocked). Next, at 18 percent, come general science majors. Pharmacy, music, and computer science majors round out the top five.
When they broke down the statistics by gender, the chances increased even more. If you are a gender minority in your field, the chances majorly increase of you marrying a likeminded human. The odds of male nurses and teachers marrying someone in their fields is as high as 43 percent. Female engineers marry male engineers almost 40 percent of the time.
Maybe opposites don’t attract after all.

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