How To Dress (Appropriately) For Your Summer Office Job

Whether you are interning, working part-time, or full-time in an office setting, knowing what to wear can be a little tricky. As the temperatures rise, you’re faced with the problem of wearing enough clothing that you look professional, but not so much that you are sweating throughout the day. So how do you find that balance? Below are some helpful Dos and Don’ts of dressing for work in the humidity and heat this summer.

DO dress in layers.

While it may be hot as sh*t outside, half the battle of finding work-appropriate attire in the summer time is the severe temperature drop experienced from when you’re outside to when you’re sitting in the AC for several hours. This is why incorporating layers comes in handy. Always bring a sweater or blazer with you to keep on the back of your chair and throw on when the office gets a little chilly.

DON’T even think about wearing spaghetti straps.

This might seem a little dated, and depending on the environment at your office, maybe you can get away with it. But if you’re unsure, definitely steer clear of wearing spaghetti straps.. or anything else that reveals your bra straps. If you want to wear a tank top or dress (which are staples for summer wardrobes), try to get the ones that cover most of your collarbones.

DO wear bright colors.

This probably shouldn’t need to be said, but your obviously more than okay to wear white and bright colors in an office. But, for whatever reason, a lot of business-casual clothes seem to be boring and dark-toned. But just because you are working in an office this summer doesn’t mean you need to always look like you are going to a funeral. Add some cute and stylish flare to your outfit by incorporating a yellow statement necklace or pastel skirt.

DON’T wear anything you would wear to the club.

Or the beach, for that matter. If you have a top or skirt that you are on the fence about, just ask yourself if it is something you would want to wear out at night with your friends, or something you would throw on to lounge by the pool all day. If the answer to either of those questions is “yes” don’t wear it to work.

DO wear sandals.

But don’t mistake cute, fashionable sandals that are office-appropriate for your grungy flip-flops that you wear running errands. If you are going to show your feet, make sure they are shoes that are still very much intact, and preferably ones that cover at least most of your foot. No thong sandals (unless they clasp around the ankle!).

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