This Might Be The Toughest Extra Credit Question We've Ever Seen

A student posted a screenshot of the extra credit question a University of Maryland professor gave his class. It sounds simple: do you want six extra credit points or two on your final paper? Just one thing – if over 10% of the students want the extra six points, no one gets any.
extra credit
The question reinforces a common concept from beginners psychology or economics called Tragedy of the Commons, or the Prisoner’s Dilemma. Anyone who took Psych 101 freshman year might recognize it as what can happen when individuals act in their own best interest instead of what’s best for the whole group. Appropriately, this was for a psychology exam, because it’s messing with our minds.
The tweet from the student, U of Maryland junior Shahin Rafikian, got attention all over Twitter, then the clever prof revealed himself to the world. He’s Dylan Selterman, and he seems quite proud of his head scratcher.

Unfortunately, more than 10 percent of the class selected the extra six points, so nobody got extra credit. Believe it or not, only one class has ever gotten the extra two points since Selterman started this exercise in 2008.
Have you all learned nothing!?

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