This Poor Woman With Two Wombs Goes Into Labor Every Time She Has Her Period

Every month, like many others, I curse the day I was born a girl. Back pain, bloating, and a general lack of ability to get out of bed are enough to make me feel useless for 3-5 days every month. However, after coming upon this story, I’ll count my blessings. One 23 year old feels the pains of giving birth each and every time she has her period.
Sophie Loader was born with uterus bicornis, a rare medical condition which means she has two wombs, but one vagina. Although the left side of the womb is normal, the right side fills up with blood each month, tricking her body into thinking it was giving birth.
She has experienced contraction-like pain every month since getting her first period when she was 13. She told Metro, “I had never felt pain like it and couldn’t understand what was happening to me, it was terrifying – even the doctor thought I might be pregnant.”
The fake contractions sometimes last up to 72 hours and Sophie says it feels like her insides are “being ripped apart.” She has been hospitalized over 30 times trying to deal with the severe pain.
Loader actually is a mother to a two-year-old son named Chase, but gave birth to him via C-section so she can’t compare the pain of her fake contractions to actual labor.
Since Chase’s birth, doctors have given Sophie a contraceptive implant so she ‘only’ goes into faux-labor every three months. From what my mom has told me, that’s still too many times to be experiencing such excruciating pain.
So yeah. Never complaining about a little bloating again.

[Images via Metro]

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