12 Classic Talks Every Girl Has In The Bathroom Line

Being a woman is awesome, but there are a few negatives that we have to deal with. One of these negatives happens to be waiting in line for the bathroom at every bar or party we attend. While guys are in and out in approximately 60 seconds, the ladies’ room line is bound to be a twenty minute ordeal. It seems tragic (and if those three Long Island Iced Teas are sitting on your bladder, it is), but we know how to turn a trip to the bathroom into a new friendship. Who hasn’t had these bonding conversations while waiting in line for the loo?

1. “Why is this line always so long?”

holding your pee
A common enemy is the quickest way to make friends. It just so happens that your common enemy with the ladies standing in front of and behind you is that chick who has been occupying the first stall for the past fifteen minutes. Seriously though – what is she doing in there? Having a baby?

2. “You deserve so much better!”

You might not know the girl who has three friends huddled around her while she sobs, but within 30 seconds of eavesdropping on their convo, you can assume there’s a d-bag guy somewhere in this frat basement. Without any further information on the matter, you assure this stranger with makeup running down her cheeks that she’s so hot and her hair looks awesome and this guy doesn’t realize how lucky he is. Really though, you just want to cut.

3. “Sorry, but do you have an extra tampon?”

tampon gif
Female bonding at its finest.

4. “Have you been here before?”

This might be a freshman year question, but hey, it works for a few reasons. Why not swap favorite bars or party houses with your female compadres? You might find out about a cool new spot or learn that you and your new bff frequents the same haunts (so you’ll probably run into each other again).

5. “I love your top!”

The-Hills excited girls
Everyone loves compliments, and they flow like a river in the bathroom line. A little girl flirting doesn’t hurt, especially when you happen to know that the girl with the cute crop top knows the bartender. Like that, your pee run turns into getting your cup filled first the rest of the night.

6. “Can you take a picture for us?”

best friends picture selfie gossip girl
Because the back hallway’s wall is the perfect backdrop to an adorable Instagram upload. And Snapchat story. And profile pic. Then the next morning, you find that you also took twelve selfies with the girl who took the picture for you.

7. “That drink looks delicious.”

pink wine slutty new girl
Something you have in common with most other girls in line: you’re all tanked. You’d be surprised how striking up a conversation about a mutual love for rum and Diet Cokes can turn into a trip to the bar and explaining to your friends that you met the girl you ditched them for during a bathroom run.

8. “I really just want pizza.”

“I know, right? There’s actually a place right down the block.”
“Thank GOD. I think I’ll be there within the hour.”
“Same, I’ll see you there!”
*Instant besties*

9. “Can you help me zip my dress?”

The ladies’ room is obviously where we all go to reapply makeup and readjust our outfits. There’s no shame in a total rando seeing your bra (and thong) when your BAC is preventing you from holding your drink and zip back up simultaneously.

10. “Should I text my booty call?”

selena gomez texting phone
There is no one better qualified to answer this question than the bombed girl who you are helping stand straight. She will assure you that all the guys here suck while you pull up your ex’s Instagram page so she can swoon over his hot body (and encourage you to press send).

11.  “I’m such a grandma!”

Girls love to talk about how they’d rather be sleeping. Other girls love to know that they’re not the only one who can’t wait to get back to bed.

12. “Do you want to go in together?”

girls bathroom
Squeezing four girls into one small bathroom seems like a great way to make the line move faster, until you realize it’s not. Yet every weekend, you find yourself in a bathroom stall with a few strangers bonding in a way only wasted girls can.

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