6 Dating Sites That Don't Exist, But Probably Should

Websites like eHarmony and Match.com have been around for what seems like centuries. Then apps like Bando, OKCupid, and, everyone’s favorite, Tinder came along. While these sites and apps are very resourceful when we’re bored late at night or need a quick rebound from a recent breakup, we need more to really find a potential bf. What if there was a website where you could be matched up with someone who will shamelessly binge watch Netflix episodes with you? Or a website where you can be paired with someone who won’t mind going to McDonald’s for the first date. Right there, you would be saving TONS of money. Check out these six dating sites that should exist.

1. Awkwards Meet

Are you socially awkward? Is flirting a foreign concept to you? Then let us be your cupid! Awkward’s Meet is a exclusive dating website that pairs you someone who just as or equally awkward as you. Ask weird and personal questions, WITHOUT judgement. We’ll even give you tips for the first awkward date.

2. Rebound.com

If you just got out of a relationship, ran out of songs on the breakup playlist, had countless “Drake Sessions,” and can’t eat another pint of ice cream because you’ll gain weight, then you need to head on over to Rebound.com. At Rebound.com, you’ll find that special, attractive someone who will help you to get over that slimy ex who did you wrong.

3. Tumblr Look-Alike


Wouldn’t it be a dream if you could date that cute guy you saw on your timeline while scrolling down Tumblr? Dreams really would come true. We do suggest hiding them in a closet or something, the thirst is real.

4. Netflix Me

date 2
Let NetflixMe find that special someone who you can binge watch episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and House of Cards with. You set up your profile, then it will show you local singles who can come over and snuggle with you in your sweatpants.

5. BudgetLovers.comdate 8

This website specifically caters to those individuals who truly see the value in a dollar and the expensive bill that comes when going out on a date. Cheap Dates works to find inexpensive dates in your local area. It even has coupons for local diners.

6. Zodiac Match

he's crazy frozen
Did you find “the one,” but are scared that they’re going to be like your crazy Gemini of an ex? Did you forget to ask when their birthday is? Have no fear – over at ZodiacMatch, all you have to do is key in a few small details about the person and in return you will receive a complete set of the compatibility results. We also will insert the likelihood of you two lasting. We know how your time can’t be wasted.

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