12 Things No One Told You About Sorority Recruitment

Sorority recruitment always looks so pleasant and so fun based off of all those college movies you’ve seen throughout your high school years. Sorry ladies, but PSA: Those portrayals of recruitment could not be farther from the reality.
If you’ve ever been through sorority recruitment, you know that it is truly not all rainbows and butterflies. Everyone is nervous, everyone is sweaty, and nobody really truly is dying to be there. As a member of an established sorority, I can’t deny that recruitment is 101 percent worth it, but let’s be honest – it’s also the absolute most difficult few weeks of the entire year.
The little incoming freshman out there are probably wondering, “OMG, why is it so bad?!” And I’ll tell you. Here are some of the things they never told you about recruitment that might help you to know in the long run.

1. There will be weird chanting

If you’re the recruiter, you are constantly chanting the same creepy/annoying songs over and over and over again. If you’re the recruitee, you are constantly being chanted at…and it’s pretty terrifying.

2. The hours are brutally long

Different schools go about doing recruitment differently, but most set recruitment throughout a two week time period. Each day of recruitment can be up to 12 hours…and that’s not being dramatic. Just think – 12 hours of mingling with unfamiliar faces! LOL. How about no.

3. There will be an unreal amount of small talk

For people who LOVE small talk, recruitment is seriously for you. For those who don’t, get ready to enjoy hours of pointless and repetitive conversations with a bunch of judgmental strangers. If you don’t like talking about your favorite food/movie/book/memory, you better figure out a way to like it real quick.

4. You will sweat

It doesn’t matter how air conditioned your space is, recruitment will turn your beautiful contoured complexion into a melted mess of makeup. We can thank our nerves and being in a confined small space with up to 100 girls for the B.O., pit stains, and oily faces.

5. You probably won’t sleep

Forget hitting the snooze button, recruitment rests for NOBODY. If you miss one party, you might as well start planning your own funeral because someone of higher authority will definitely kill you. If you thought being late for class was bad, you haven’t even begun to feel the wrath until you’ve been in sorority recruitment.

6. You’ll have to deal with the girl that cries

Yes, we ALL know this girl. She didn’t get invited back to the sororities that she liked and she is a hot mess if you ever did see one. You don’t know what to do or say to her, so you kind of just let her bawl it out until she gets it together and figures out her next move. Sorry Charlie, time to get a grip.

7. Outfits are almost too important

They say, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover,” but in sorority recruitment, that phrase does not apply. If you’re in recruitment, you know that you’re going to be forced to match everyone else in your sorority and if you’re not following the exact outfit guidelines to a T, you’re probably going to get an earful. If you’re going through recruitment, you’re asked to pick out probably 10 sets of outfits to wear for each round. Naturally, you have nothing to wear so you’re bound to spend a few hundred dollars on new clothes just for the occasion.

8. You’ll probably be out-shined

Some people hit it off right away and end up having serious girl crushes on each other, which I like to call a “rush crush.” If you’re paired in sets of two and your partner just will not let you get a word in or is already evidently the recruiters rush crush, it just leaves you feeling pissed off and over it. If you’re the recruiter, sometimes you just want to tell that one girl to shut up please so you don’t have to hear about why she can see herself in your sorority. Sorry, but you just. don’t. care.

9. You’re going to stress out… a lot

When will I get my homework done? Did she like me? Will I get asked back? Did I make a good impression? Do I look disgusting? What sorority is this again? Will I even have time to eat today? Theta Alpha what? Where did my group go? What time even is it? Does anyone have gum?

10. You’re going to be forced to watch recruitment videos multiple times

There is always a round during recruitment where everyone is sat down to watch the sorority’s “recruitment video”. The video is usually a bunch of girls doing weirdly “candid” things like laughing at each other or lying down in a field with their heads all aligned in a perfect circle. The point of the video is to show the girls how the sorority is outside of recruitment. The important aspects, however, are how artsy your video actually is and how good the songs they chose to put in it are. This round will either leave you feeling really uncomfortable or still laughing at how cute and funny it was upon leaving.

11. Do not think you already have a bid

One of the worst things a girl can do is promise a potential new member a bid to her sorority. There is never a guarantee that you will end up somewhere, so don’t believe the myth that you will for sure be in. Who knows, you might just end up loving a different sorority in the end, anyways.

12. The sorority tumblr is everything

The tumblr tells it all. Most sororities have tumblrs that are basically a compilation of photos that show what everyone does outside of recruitment. The tumblr gives you a good way to see exactly what the girls are like based off of witnessing all the photos of them doing cool stuff.
And there you have it. While it may seem scary and a little crazy, going through recruitment pays off. The recruitment system may seem a bit confusing, but in the end, it does a great job of matching you with the place that you were meant to be. In the mean time, consider the following and make sure you prepare accordingly – keeping deodorant on hand is a good place to start.


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