Why You Shouldn't Give Up On Someone You Love

Ask any married person you know and they’ll tell you the same truth: relationships aren’t perfect. People argue, can be stressed out, and reach their breaking point. However, if there was ever a time when you told this person you loved them and you know they are a good person at heart, you shouldn’t give up on them so quickly. Before you make a huge decision that seems confusing and overwhelming, take a deep breath and read this.

1. No one knows this person better than you. 

You can talk to your friends and family all you want, but you know this person the best in your relationship. You can’t ask a stranger about making a decision when truly they don’t know all the facts. Unless they can say they know the person you’re with (like seeing them multiple times or conversed with them in person), they only know the story from your perspective. Maybe it would be better to talk to your significant other in person with someone who is a trained expert in relationships, such as a mental health professional.

2. They have made sacrifices for you.

Whatever the case may have been, you have to give this person some credit for trying their best. Relationships aren’t always going to completely work out in one person’s liking and you can’t always get what you want. They are not a cookie cutter piece that fits into the puzzle of your life. If someone made sacrifices for you in a time that might have been difficult for them, can’t you make a sacrifice now when it’s difficult for you? It can be as simple as watching your favorite movie or seeing your favorite team’s game to waiting for you while you went on vacation or bonding with your family members. And they did it to make you happy.

3. When you don’t agree you can compromise.

There have been other times in the past when you hit a bump in the road. Maybe the bumps are from the same trail, meaning that maybe you had arguments or disagreements over the same things. For example, if you got mad at this person for whatever reason and stopped talking to them and they were upset, that you told them you needed x amount of hours, days, etc, to think it through and on x day they would talk to you about it. Compromises are what makes relationships last, and if it actually works then what makes you think you can’t do it again.

4. They have good qualities.

This person that you have taken time to know is trustworthy, honest, kind, caring, compassionate, smart, responsible, mature, etc. You can calm each other down. They don’t hold grudges against you and are willing to forgive. They take the time to listen and understand how you are feeling. They are thoughtful and think about you from time to time. They support you through difficult times and celebrate with you during the good.

5. This person enhances your happiness.

A person can’t solely be responsible for your happiness; you have to find it within yourself. However, sometimes people will say that their significant other makes them happy when they truly mean that they add to their happiness. That could anywhere from a “good morning” or an “i love you” text, to being there for you when you need them the most.

6. You can talk it out rationally face-to-face.

This can be hard to do when you’re frustrated with someone and when you’re afraid of how you will react if you see them, but when you calm down from a fight this is the best thing you can do. If you text or call over the phone it isn’t the same. If this person tries to make the effort to meet up with you and talk rationally to try to fix things, then you my friend have it made.

7. You have a serious relationship.

To have a serious relationship means that you love each other, plain and simple. Time also plays a factor and if you’ve been seeing them for a substantial amount of time than it should be important to you to stay in this relationship. Also, when you are serious with someone you talk about future plans, not necessarily in stone, but at least at you have pictured at least once what it would be like in the future.

8. They accept you for who you are. 

People can come from other relationships with lots of baggage. Perhaps someone beforehand wronged you immensely and damaged your trust. Or maybe you have anxious, depressed, or angry feelings from time to time. Maybe you’re family has problems such as divorce or mental illness. And not a lot of people are accepting to these things, but if you happen to find someone that does than never let them go.

9. People you know have rooted for this person.

If you introduced this person to your family and you heard their feedback saying that this person is truly genuinely nice, or that they are beautiful and kind after one meeting, than you have to listen to their feedback. Are you only focusing on the negative aspects of this person because you are mad in the moment at them? Sometimes it is easy to forget after time has gone by. But if they truly made an impression on other people that are close to you, than maybe you should give them another chance.

10. There is a possibility for things to improve. 

Sure you might be going through a tough time now, but there is always a possibility for things to get better. Maybe once you have some space and time you can talk it out. If they forgive you and you forgive them, and you realize that things are not the same without them, then why are you letting them go? If you made future plans with them and were at one point looking forward to them then why not do it! Now, I’m not saying to get back with someone that was abusive or stalking you, that would not be the smartest idea. But maybe you can get past whatever you’re going through right now. If you think that things aren’t going to change or get better than you’re wrong, because no one knows what the future will bring! Just apologize, make kind gestures and see what happens. The possibilities are endless!
Relationships take work and by giving up on someone, you could be making the mistake at your chance at true love. And if you can’t work it out with one person, there might be some deeper issues that maybe you’re not addressing, which will eventually come out in other relationships. It might be hard to not give up, but it can be definitely worthwhile!

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