The Suite Life: 10 Reasons Why Living in a Suite in College is the Best

Your freshman year has ended and you have had it with sharing a communal bathroom and wearing flip flops in the shower. You no longer want to stomp down the stairs into a decrepit basement, your entire wardrobe in tow, in order to do your laundry. You want to live like a human being, not like a criminal or caged animal. You need room to breathe, stretch your wings and…sleep in peace and quiet. If that wasn’t enough to convince you that living in a suite in college is far superior, let this list do the trick.

1. You no longer look like you’re living in a cell block.

The age of brick walls painted white are over, my friend! You have space to actually move in your suite. Pull the metal bars off–you now have freedom. A suite provides you with, oddly the most important part, walls of plaster. Not only does your suite kind of look like a place where people are supposed to live, but you can hang up your posters and pictures without muscling thumbtacks into brick. No screaming or cramped thumbs required.

2. Laundry services on your floor.

Behold! Now you can do laundry in the safety of your own floor. No longer do you have to traverse to the depths of your residence hall—you can roll down to the laundry room barefoot and be back in your cozy suite in thirty seconds or less. In fact, you can even meet people in your laundry room. You’ll find that you can meet the nicest characters when you’re trying to wash your delicates.

3. All of your best friends in one place.

Living in a suite puts you into closer contact with the same group of people. While a dorm provides you with a constant mix of different people, a suite allows you to get to know the two-three other girls or guys extremely quickly. The best of friendships are forged in the wee hours, overly tired, hunched over laughing over an ugly group selfie. It’s the best.
Even better, when it comes to filling up your suite for the next year, pulling all of your best friends who are living all over campus into one suite makes every night a blast.

4. There’s always someone to go out with.

Living with all of your best friends blesses you with the ability to never do anything alone. Hungry? Your best friend/suitemate is hungry, too. You don’t want to go into the city on your own? Your best friend/other suitemate is totally down. You don’t want to go to a concert on your own? Suitemates.

5. Bathrooms.

Say goodbye to your grungy shower flip flops—you can now shower barefoot! How lovely it is to not have to stroll down a hall in nothing but your towel to shower. There is something wonderful about being able to scroll through Facebook or Twitter whilst on the toilet and not having to worry about someone else walking in as you do your business. Let those elbow indents on your thighs BEGIN.

6. More room for nudity.

With a private bathroom, to reiterate, it means you don’t have to worry about traversing your residence halls in a skimpy towel. However, given that you’re now super close with your suitemates, pants are optional. Don’t feel like wearing a shirt? Nothing your suitemates haven’t seen before. Run to the bathroom naked! Forget your towel in your room? Barge back into your room with your roommate soaking wet and ass-naked.
Suite life after one week:


7. Non-carpeted floors.

It completely baffles me that colleges and universities think that carpeted flooring is a great idea for their residence halls and dorm buildings. (Whatever you do, DO NOT TAKE A BLACKLIGHT TO YOUR GUY FRIEND’S SUITE. YOU WILL IMMEDIATELY REGRET EVERYTHING.) In a suite, you’ll experience the glory that is a cold linoleum floor in the morning. Bring your own rug, if you must—at least you know that rug is clean.

8. All the fun of college without the noise.

When the door to your suite closes, it slams like no other. This means, thankfully, that the door can and will block out any screaming, crying, laughing, excessive bass, you name it. No longer are you banging on the walls of your neighbors in a passive-aggressive attempt to get them to shut up—you can sit in your room in peace and quiet, any time, any day. Or, make a racket. It’s fine. Only your suitemates have to put up with your nonsense—and it’s likely they’ve already joined you.

9. Cleaning your own things.

There is something extremely therapeutic about cleaning the bathroom. You can clean it on your own time, no longer having to dodge the voracious cleaning ladies (“No, you don’t understand, I have class now!” you cry as she closes off your bathroom for its weekly cleanse.) You don’t feel like doing your homework? Make your bed. Don’t feel like going to the gym? Mop the floor. At least you’re being productive.

10. Privacy.

You can leave your laptop, your cell phone and your wallet out on your desk and it will be exactly where you left them an hour later. In a suite, you don’t need to worry about random people flowing in and out of your suite without your knowledge. While your suitemates are your go-to pals, they, too, need their share of alone time. The suite allows you silence and space required to study and sleep without interruption from your fellow students.

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