Goodbye, Tinder! There’s Now A Dating App For Netflix Lovers


netflix movies

Farmers have their online dating website. So do clowns. Now, the dating app Millennials have been waiting for is coming. Netfling is a dating app in the works that matches you based on your preferred binge-watching guilty pleasures.

We’re not saying we can see the future or anything, but we kind of predicted (or at least hoped) there would be a Netflix-based dating app. You’ll also have three children.


According to the app’s Facebook page,

“Based on your movies and series taste, Netfling pairs you with the beautiful stranger you haven’t met yet, but definitely want to share popcorn with.”

Pretty much you can stop pretending your life is super exciting, and let your favorite series and movies speak for themselves. Then you’ll can finally find someone who loves Parks & Rec as much as you do, and probably have a Parks & Rec themed wedding.

Calling it – this is the greatest dating app in history.


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