Gwyneth Paltrow's Website Says You Should Pee In The Shower, Guys Probably Rejoice

Gwyneth Paltrow: you probably already either love her or hate her, and she just gave you another reason for your stance. A new post on Paltrow’s website Goop suggests you should be urinating in the shower. Why? Lauren Roxburgh, a fascia and structural integrative specialist who’s quoted in the article, says popping a squat automatically engages the pelvic floor to lengthen and tone your pelvic floor muscles. Yup, Goop claims you can pee, get clean, and flex those muscles all in one.
Strengthening your pelvic floor can improve your sexual performance and ability to orgasm, help with bladder and bowel control, stabilize your hip joints, and boost circulation in the pelvic area. “It’s the key to great sex, a flat tummy, and the key to never laying in a supply of Depends,” Roxburg told Goop.
While guys scratch their heads thinking, “I’ve been peeing in the shower for years – doesn’t everyone?” girls are, like their opinion on Gwyneth, split on this news. Part of me is all for increasing the ability to O (because why not), but the other half of me says, “The toilet is literally. Right. There.”
Maybe don’t try this while you’re staying over a friend’s house, but if you’re a shower pee-er already, congrats – you’re validated.

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