The 7 Most Annoying Instagram Comments Of All Time

Instagram is my social media platform of choice but even I have to admit it: Things can get hella annoying on the ‘gram. We’ve discussed annoying Instagram habits  in the past (see here and here) but there’s one thing we haven’t touched on too much: The annoying comments that seem to exist everywhere.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Try scrolling through Kim Kardashian‘s Insta-comments sometime. So. Effing. Annoying. There are hundreds of thousands of annoying comments on social media, but these seven things rank very, very high on our list of annoying social media behaviors.

1. The ‘your’ so pretty/gross/hot/stupid/whatever comment.


OMG, people. It’s YOU’RE, not YOUR. Sorry, my inner grammar nerd has a conniption every single time I see one of these. Can any of you relate? No? Just me? Whatever, it’s annoying. Also there’s a difference between there, their and they’re. Learn it.

2. The hater comment.


I will never understand people who follow a celebrity whom they claim to ‘hate.’ Why keep that negative energy on your feed? Seriously, you don’t have to be a Kylie Jenner fan but when you feel the need to slut shame, harass, insult or criticize a teenage girl, (or anyone else for that matter) it’s not just annoying, it’s cyber bullying. Click that unfollow button already and get on with your life.

3. The spammy comment.


Do I even need to explain why this annoying? No. Moving along.


4. The life story comment.


Okay, it’s great that you have your own company or whatever, but I’m pretty sure Ariana Grande ain’t got time to read your novel-esque comment about how she’s your idol and how you want her to check out your recent pic and how people say you look like her and how you rocked cat ears like she does and how you started a business and how you need funding for said business and how you would love her help.

5. The ‘first’ comment.


When people comment the word ‘first’ on a celeb’s picture. Like, why? No, I’m really asking here: Why? Does it mean that if you like that person’s first picture, he or she will like yours in return? Or does it mean that this person has made the first comment on your photo? If it’s the latter, it’s hilarious, ’cause around 500 people are allegedly “first” on most celeb photos.

6. The fight-between-two-commenters comment.


Granted, this is actually series of comments, but really, is anything worse than reading a highly publicized fight between two users? The comments can be incredibly hurtful and seem so pointless — why attack someone you’ll probably never even meet? And when people start throwing out deeply inappropriate suggestions that the other person kill him or herself? Well, it crosses out of annoying territory and into something far worse.

7. The ‘goals’ comment.


I don’t know why I find these SO annoying, I just do.

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