Your Timeline By Google Maps: Yet Another Privacy Invasion

Like you really needed another reason to be paranoid whilst connected to the Internet. Google has released a brand new feature called Your Timeline that tracks your trips and locations. It gives you the ability to name previous routes and locations. You can even add personal photos to your locations and routes.
Google Maps has always had access to your location data, but now this information can be used by the user. Like your search history, you can delete your location history from your phone. I’m sure the personalization feature is nice, but the bigger question is how this information is being used. Just because I can add my family and friends to my personal Google Maps doesn’t make me any more comfortable knowing that my location is being saved and can be used.
If you’re like me and wildly uncomfortable by this knowledge, Google allows you to enable or disable the feature. Log in to your Google account and click on “Account History.” Then select “Places You Go” and you will find the option to enable or disable the feature.
You’re welcome.

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