Couples Who Get Drunk Together, Stay Together

Although you may think that ending the night with your face in the toilet may be cause for an argument with your significant other, you are sorely mistaken. According to a new study from the State University of New York in Buffalo, couples who drink together are more satisfied in their relationships.

Professor of health behavior, Dr. Gregory Homish, began the research over ten years ago. He wanted to test if drinking and smoking caused problems in relationships over time or if it was the difference in the amount that was to blame. He had 600 couples answer questions before their wedding, then repeated the questionnaire after one, two, four, and seven years of marriage. Not surprisingly, all couples saw their satisfaction go down somewhat over the years regardless of the reason. Bummer.
That being said, couples with different drinking habits were more dissatisfied than those who enjoyed a drink or two…or three together. Although alcohol is considered a depressant, this study proves the opposite.
In other words, if you’re thinking about going out on Friday night with your bf or gf, do it. You’ll be happier.

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