This Artist Creates Stunning Celebrity Portraits…Using Food

I’ve never had a lot of artistic ability. Ask my third grade art teacher – it was always stick figure families and houses with a single tree in the yard, and my skills are about the same now. Although I have mastered a pretty kickass unicorn sketch, I’ve always admired people who can create eye-catching art. Now, Jessie Bearden has me feeling artsy and hungry at the same time with her incredible celebrity portraits made solely with food.
The former painter turns to pop culture for inspiration of her creations that take about three or four hours each to make. The 23-year-old New Yorker uses ice cream, chocolate syrup, and even poppy seeds to create realistic images of stars like Beyonce and Caitlyn Jenner. Using her Instagram page to showcase her food art, Bearden has recently landed gigs with the likes of Jelly Belly and McDonald’s, for whom she created a McCafé display using coffee, naturally.
Check out some of Bearden’s awesome work below.

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