10 Horrifying Texting Conversations With Men

It’s happened to all ladies at some point in their lives: the infamous “u up?” 3:33 am text from that guy you begrudgingly gave your number to last weekend. Other than the fact that you’re very aggravated to be awake, now you have to deal with some idiot who insists on butchering the English language via text message. Is this modern romance? Is this what you’ll be forced to deal with for the rest of your life?

Be comforted in that you’re not alone. The tumblr blog¬†straightwhiteboystexting¬†receives submissions from women who are harassed via text and the result is a plethora of hilarious text message conversations. While it’s extremely frustrating to be the recipient of such text message vomit, now you know that there is a community that makes fun of these idiots who clearly have the capability of thinking of only one thing.
And before I hear all about how “it’s not only white guys who do this!!! this is racist!!!”, I’m well aware, but you idiots perfected the art.
Check out our gallery of straight white boys texting in their natural habitat.

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