Lilly Pulitzer Is Suing Old Navy For Totally Stealing Their Designs

Turns out that instead of spending your week’s paycheck on authentic Lilly Pulitzer designs or, perhaps worse, trying to get your hands on Lilly Pulitzer for Target merchandise, you could have just headed to your local Old Navy. That store at the mall where you can score a $5 shirt for St. Patrick’s Day or Fourth of July (which is great, because you somehow lose them every year) was totally ripping off Lilly Pulitzer patterns. Now Sugartown Worldwide, the owner of the Lilly Pulitzer brand, is suing for copyright infringement.
There are probably many of you who are thinking, “Copying? There are only so many colors and patterns we can have. So what if they’re similar designs?” That was my first instinct too, but after seeing the pictures, you can barely tell the difference between the pricey designer pieces and their $8 knock-offs.
lilly pulitzer suing old navy lilly pulitzer suing old navy
Sugartown holds the exclusive right to those two prints, “High Tide Toile” and “Sparks Fly Design,” which they say were “created as original works of art painted on canvas.”
Of course they’re mad – why would you pay $80 for Lilly shorts when you get similar-looking ones for quite literally a tenth of the price? Especially when they look like the real thing to the untrained eye. We can tell that Old Navy was “heavily inspired” by the original patterns.
Have a good time trying to explain your way out of this one, Old Navy.
In the mean time, run to Old Navy and get these before they can’t sell them anymore because rip-off or not, they’re pretty cute.

[Story via Fortune]
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