How to Handle a Breakup Like a Lady

Simply put: Breaking up sucks!
The second you attempt to close the door on that chapter of your life, you start to over analyze every detail of it. Suddenly you find yourself thinking of a master plan on how to either get your partner back, or how to get back with him. Rightfully so, you feel all alone and like there’s nothing else in this world that matters to you, but just remember: We all get overwhelmed with the same feelings when we go through a breakup.
While you continue the search for Mr. Right, handle your breakup like a *lady* (because we all know no one wants to date a crazy b*tch!).

1. Let Go

You don’t know how to get back at him first, but one thing is for sure: You are going to let him know (or, at least think) that this breakup doesn’t mean a damn thing to you. And that’s when you go wrong. When you emotionally connect with someone then breakup, the process of letting go is one that takes time. But, letting go is key. Once you’ve decided breaking up is the way to go, block him on all social media channels and on your phone, too. If you block his phone number it will give you a peace of mind knowing that he can’t get in touch with you. Face it: You’re secretly hoping he shoots you a text and you’re no-doubtingly behind your phone waiting for it. If you block his number, you’ll find you won’t be charging at your phone every time it rings in the hopes that it’s your ex calling.

2. Don’t Jump Into a Rebound Relationship

You can fantasize about having one, but don’t actually do it. In theory, being in a rebound relationship is the best possible solution, but in actuality, it’s just a cover-up. You’re masking your true feelings and putting on a front like this breakup was the best thing that could’ve happened to you two all within, like, 30 seconds (not literally, of course!). It might be all fun and games at the moment, but ultimately, you’re not healed if you find yourself in a relationship shortly after. Explore your individuality first, and then look for love again.

3. Write in a Journal

Leave the past where it belongs; self-expression will help you achieve that. You’ll obviously be thinking about your breakup, so jot down the pros and cons of the relationship. Keep in mind what you have learned from it. Is there something you’re looking for in your next relationship that you didn’t get from this one? Is there something that you want to improve on as an individual? Are you able to acknowledge what went wrong? Express yourself through writing.

4. Explore Zumba, Pilates, and Yoga (and Meditate Too)

Zumba, Pilates, yoga, and meditating all go hand-in-hand and they are the absolute best remedies for any breakup. While Zumba acts as your workout in the form of dancing, Pilates acts as your targeted inner core workout, and yoga/meditating will help you relax your mind and find comfort from within. Mind you, you’re in a room full of other girls so this is the perfect opportunity to meet new people.

5. Put in Overtime Hours

Giiiirl, now is the time to make that extra cash! Putting in some extra hours at work will not only give you something to do, but you’ll also find happiness in the form of Jimmy Choo’s, Louis Vuitton bags and fancy dinners your ex has been slacking on.

6. Whip out Your “Friends List”

…those that you’re close with and those that you’ve lost touch with. A girls’ night out is a necessity following a breakup. Call your girls and set something up. Quality time with your girlfriends is the most therapeutic, especially because they’ll always side with you no matter what you tell them about your ex. Now is also the time you’ll want to re-connect with old friends to see what they’ve been up to, too.

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