Was Ben Affleck Sleeping With His Kids' Nanny?

Last month when Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner decided to call a quits on their marriage– you could hear hearts breaking around the world. As one of the most beloved and fawned over celebrity duos in America, people weren’t too happy to hear that this seemingly perfect couple couldn’t even make their love last forever (what– like it’s hard or something?!).
But now, rumors have begun to surface that may help people understand why the marriage fell apart– and it’s not looking so good for Affleck.
Allegedly, Affleck has been having a secret affair with their nanny, Christine Ouzounian, 28, for months now. It was Ouzounian, apparently, that spilled the beans to her friends about her “intimate and intense” relationship with Affleck, and even showed them pictures of her sitting on the actor’s lap and kissing. She has claimed their romantic relationship began last spring, soon after being hired, and they would often arrange to meet at Hotel Bel Air. One friend has revealed that Ouzounian has admitted to being in love with him..
A another source told People, “For Christine, it was a relationship. A friend warned her she was going to end up heartbroken.”
Affleck, on the other hand, is singing a completely different tune. His rep claimed her accusations are “complete garbage and full of lies,” and anther source saying that the nanny only had “a work relationship and friendship. There has never been a romantic or sexual relationship.”

Hmmm. So where does Garner stand on all of this?
Garner recently flew down to the Bahamas to join Affleck and the nanny, vacationing with their three children, Violet, 9, Seraphina, 6, and Samuel, 3, in June, which is where the couple decided to announce their divorce.
Allegedly, soon after Affleck left the Bahamas, Ouzounian left with him and joined him while he attended a charity event in Las Vegas. It wasn’t until after they left, supposedly, that Garner found out about the affair, and “was livid.”
Garner is currently filming Miracles from Heaven in Atlanta, and is staying strong for her children.
Affleck and Ouzounian have been photographed visiting one another at his rental home mid-July, but have not seen each other, supposedly, since the 19th.
But, one source close to Affleck claims this affair has nothing to do with the couple’s decision to split: “There was no affair during or after [their marriage]. Ben and Jen have been separated for months.”
We really hope this isn’t true, for obvious reasons, but also just for the lack of originality! Come on, Ben!

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