7 Things That Happened When I Gave Up All Social Media For A Weekend

No Facebook, no Twitter, no Instagram for a weekend.
I know, I’m brave and courageous. No social media for three whole days. “How are you alive?” You must be wondering. Well, I have a great support system that stuck with me even when I tried to give in to cravings and download the Snapchat app. But, thankfully, my friends had access to a straight jacket and utilized that when I was foaming at the mouth trying to read someone’s Facebook newsfeed. Enough of my sob story…here’s what happened during my social media free weekend.

1. I was way more productive.

During the three social media-free days, I knit my great grandmother a sweater, learned Swahili, climbed Mount Everest, and filed my parent’s taxes for the year. Actually, none of that is true…but I was a lot more useful as a human being. Which translates to: I actually cleaned out my sock drawer which I’ve been meaning to do for ten years!

2. I didn’t know the latest gossip.

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton are divorcing? Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift got into a brawl via Twitter? It’s like I just woke up after hibernating for five years.

3. I read a book.

And no, it wasn’t on my iPad/Kindle/Nook/whatever device people use these days. It was a book with actual pages that can easily catch on fire and doesn’t require a battery. I finally got around to reading a book from my bookshelf that hasn’t been touched in years except for my occasional (and I mean occasional) dusting. Sorry, let me clarify for the millennials; Bookshelf (noun): A shelf in which books can be stored. Well, once you aren’t consumed with how many likes you have on Instagram, you can actually get around to sitting yourself down and reading more than the first two pages of a book. And, here’s the kicker. Truthfully, it’s more entertaining than Facebook creeping on a random girl from high school who’s obsessed with horses (because we all have one of those).

4. I started actually paying attention to people’s stories.

Nowadays, giving 100% of your focus is rare because it’s usually interrupted by a Facebook notification or a Snapchat from your best friend titled “breakfast” with a blushing face and a picture of a smoothie or an Instagram like from your mom three days after you uploaded a picture…I could go on for hours (but I’m too distracted by Twitter, so I won’t). Anyway, this weekend, I put down all forms of distraction and actually listened to my friends’ stories. GASP!!

5. I made life revelations.

Okay, that sounds deeper than it really is. But this weekend, I wasn’t checking my newsfeed while walking to the smoothie place, and I actually peeked at the sidewalk I was walking on! Did anyone know that it’s made up of tiny rocks? Me neither! I also came to the realization that I really need a pedicure whilst looking at the ground. And the sky?! There are white things that look like cotton swabs up there that they call clouds! When you’re not staring at a cellphone screen while walking, it’s actually not that bad, and you can realize a lot about the world around you at the same time (like your neglected toe nails crying out to be polished).

6. I forgot about people’s birthdays.

You never realize how helpful that notification from Facebook is until it’s not there. This is my formal apology to the girl I cheated off of in Chemistry 101 freshman year – hope you had a great 21st!

7 . I stopped comparing.

That woman who pulls up to work in a Mercedes while you barely make it to the parking lot in your dad’s old mini van. That little kid who’s scarfing down a Krispy Kreme while you’re trying to diet and eating a carrot stick. Comparing your life and situation to other people’s is a normal day-to-day human reaction. But, social media definitely heightens these feelings by people showing off the peaks of their lives in a simple picture broadcasted to thousands of people. This weekend, I didn’t know that Janice was in the Hamptons with her model boyfriend sipping Margaritas on a yacht and I was completely content with picking out toilets at Home Depot with my mom.

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