Drake Had An Awesome Reunion With His Degrassi Co-Stars

During my middle school days, Degrassi was life. I was completely obsessed. I still to this day constantly watch reruns of the show, but I just love to reminisce over the old Degrassi. But, attention, Degrassi fans! The most epic class reunion went on last night.
Last night, former Degrassi star Drake, aka Wheelchair Jimmy, had an amazing reunion with his former cast mates that will give you all the feels. Drake had an awesome unexpected reunion at the screening for a new web series, We Are Disorderly, starring Al Mukaddam and Mazin Elsadig. He also posed for pics with Degrassi alums Adamo Ruggeiro, Lauren Collins, and Daniel Clark.
Check out some of the pics below.

Even though Teen Nick has decided to pull the plug on Degrassi, it will still live on through Netflix. So don’t be so upset because they’ve also decided to continue streaming the show next year.
Although Drake has said goodbye to his Wheelchair Jimmy days, it’s awesome to see he still took the time out to support his friends, even amid this insane beef he’s been having with Meek Mill.

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