WTF: New Zealand Pub Is Offering Semen Injected Beer

You can now drink semen injected beer. You read that right: semen injected beer. This is by far, one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever heard. Apparently, there has been a high demand for drinks laced with semen for some reason (at least in Wellington, New Zealand).
The bar that’s responsible for this stomach-turning new drink is The Green Man Pub, located in New Zealand and owned by Steve Drummond. You may originally think they’re putting human semen in these drinks, but, nope. It’s not even isn’t even human! Originally they got the semen from adult male deer, aka stag. But don’t worry – it’s apparently from a legit source (not like that’ll ease the nausea).
It was Drummond’s idea to create the outrageous new drink but the beer was originally made by Choice Bros Brewing. Kerry Gray, a brewer at Choice Bros, wasn’t really into making the beer at first, but eventually got on board the crazy train to make it.
You may be surprised to learn that this pub has always been known to experiment with the gag-inducing additive. Back in 2011, Drummond even offered apple infused shots with horse semen, and it was a big hit with the ladies. In 2013, they just decided to go nuts and offer just a syringe shot of the semen. Really?
Check out some pics of people taking the plunge and trying out this gross concoction.

My mind is literally blown that people would actually want to drink animal semen. But, I mean I heard crazier things. I just know that I am no where near interested in drinking any of that beer. I know I might not be one to talk because I did try cat poop coffee once but this is just a new level of nasty. Seriously, just the thought of it makes me sick. Excuse me while I go and puke.

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