15 Ways Smartphones Have Changed Our Lives For The Worse

It’s hard to remember a time before smartphones. You know, when people actually had to talk to each other face-to-face. Prior to belfies and Instagram filters, people could actually enjoy a plate of food as soon as it arrived in front of them. Gasp!
Technology has changed life as we know it, but not necessarily for the better. Sure it’s great that you can easily FaceTime with your BFF who lives on the West Coast and not have to wait in line for a payphone to call your boyfriend, but for every pro, there are quite a few cons.
See if you recognize any of these situations below:

1. Everyone is on their phone during dinner…

I’m freaking out over Hollywood’s slew of recent breakups, and you’re not even paying attention to my rant.

2. …Or anywhere for that matter.

We can’t have real-life conversations anymore because people are either awkward since they’re not used to actual human interaction or they’re 180 tweets deep in their Twitterfeed.

2. 99% of people on the road text and drive.

That’s a made-up fact, but honestly it’s (terrifyingly) probably true. A text to that new guy you’re talking to can wait 15 minutes. Seriously.

3. People run into you multiple times a day.

Or they walk at a glacial pace. Both of which, are equally irritating.

4. We know a sh*t ton about people, but also nothing at all.

In other words, I could tell you everything you’ve eaten over the last few days, but without any phone calls or hang outs, I actually don’t know what’s going on in your life at all.

5. You can’t take a break from work.

Because you’re expected to check your email 24/7.

6. If your GPS isn’t working, you’re not going anywhere.

Because no one can read a damn map. Map reading should be a required course at colleges along with understanding taxes and mortgages.

7. Your family knows everything.

Be careful what you “like” on Facebook because your parents will see it. They’ll also comment on EVERYTHING you post. “So cute! Love this pic of the three of you. Beautiful girls. Love mom.” Can’t forget the signature at the end. Without it, I definitely have no idea who you are.

8. Snapchat/Instagram/Facebook/Twitter have become outlets for people to prove that they’re doing something more with their lives than watching Netflix.

Which is why whenever you’re hanging out with your BFF, they need to take a picture of the food and drinks you’re having…and literally anything even remotely interesting.

9. We have to listen to an extra commercial in the movie theater because you can’t resist checking Facebook for 90 minutes.

*Insert eye roll*

10. Our attention spans are literally non-existent.

If a page doesn’t load in three seconds, people won’t bother. If there’s too much text, people won’t bother. In fact, a majority of you probably won’t even read this.

11. There are a million more things to get unnecessarily jealous/stressed about.

Did Leslie just like John’s picture?! ; Why didn’t Mike see my Snapchat story…? He always does. ; It’s been six minutes, and I only have four likes on my profile pic. WTF.

12. This can lead to self-esteem issues.

When you post a pic that you think is really great but no one likes or comments on it for five minutes, you begin to question your judgement.

13. Emojis have replaced real-life reactions.

Important conversations are now being had via text. *Frowny face*

14. We don’t need to try.

Remember when the boy you liked in middle school actually had to call your house and your mom had to grant you permission to talk to him? Once you got your own cell phone- probably around 8th grade (not age 5 like today), your world changed. From that point on, a simple “hey,” became a sufficient conversation starter.

15. We’ve created a false reality.

If everyone posted what they actually did daily on social media, there would be A LOT of wine and binge-watching pics.
Moral of the story: I’m terrified to ever bring a child into this world because society is going down the sh*tter.

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