7 Mistakes You're Making When Ordering Starbucks

Your morning Starbucks run is already the best part of your day, but what if I told you that you’re doing it wrong. There’s a reason why you stick to the same generic order every visit – because when you deviate from your go-to order, it always seems to get messed up, right? If you’re wondering why everyone is raving about secret menu items while you stick to a boring cup of joe, maybe the problem isn’t the barista. With just a few tips and tricks, you’ll never have a disappointing cup of coffee or sub-par Frappuccino again.

1. You overload on syrup.

Starbucks typically puts three pumps of syrup in a tall latte, four in a grande, and five in a venti (six if it’s an iced venti, because the drink is 4 ounces larger). It’s a good rule of thumb to use when you’re feeling adventurous and making your own order.

2. You don’t up your cup size.

Here’s one that will make your mind explode – ask for a tall in a grande cup or a grande in a venti cup. If you’re in a car, the extra room will save you from a potential speed-bump spill — or you can use it for a little extra ice or milk. Not to mention that it often results in more coffee for you to savor.

3. You make your order crazy complicated.

Baristas typically grab type of cup (hot or iced) in the size you want — tall, grande, venti and sometimes trenta — then mark the boxes on the side of the cup from top to bottom. Talking Starbucks language is intimidating the first few times, but to minimize errors when taking your order, practice ordering like this:
– Hot or iced
– Size
– Decaf
– Number of shots (if you want extra)
– Number of pumps of syrup
– Type of milk
– Any extras
– Drink type (latte, Frappuccino, etc.)

4. You forget to specify unsweetened iced tea.

Baristas say that the iced tea comes sweetened by default unless you speak up. That small change can totally mess up the taste of your drink.

5. You add syrup and sweetener.

Ordering an iced coffee with a couple pumps of mocha is a cheaper way to get the flavor of a mocha latte without the higher cost, but beware: If the barista asks whether you want it sweetened, say no! Otherwise, you’ll end up with a syrupy drink that’s closer to chugging fudge sauce (unless you’re into that).

6. You add too much cream.

Yes, half-and-half swirls into your iced coffee are magical, but while you’re being hypnotized by the pretty shapes, it’s easy to go overboard. To ensure your coffee doesn’t look and taste more like overpriced milk than coffee, keep it to a minimum.

7. You don’t use the app or a rewards card.

This is a must-download for any Starbs lover. You get a free drink or food item on your birthday and another freebie of anything you want every time you buy 12 items. We all know things taste infinitely better when they’re free.

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