31 Random Pieces of Garbage Every College Student Has in Her Purse

Our rooms, our cars, and even our purses all have one thing in common: They’re disasters! We just can’t help it. It becomes a job in itself to keep any of these things organized, especially when we’re overloaded with beach days and party nights.
Don’t judge for pretty much using our purses as portable garbage pails. It could be a lot worse, but these are the 31 things you’ll definitely find in every college girls purse at any given time:
1. A wallet with a broken zipper because we’ve tried to stuff way too much crap in it, that it eventually just broke off.
2. Earring backs.
3. A nail filer that never sees the light of day because we go for a manicure every three days anyway.
4. Nail polish that was just bought at CVS because we’re going to start doing our own nails to save some money. #WhoAreWeKidding?
5. Old receipts that just keep accumulating, but for some reason, still don’t find it necessary to throw out.
6. Candy wrappers that are as old as our little sisters.
7. Loose change.
8. Beat up business cards that we keep telling ourselves not to get rid of because we’re going to maintain a relationship with whoever gave them to us.
9. Tampons that we can’t even use because they’ve been sitting at the bottom of our bag for so long, that the wrapper torn open and our OCD is telling us not to use them because we’ll just end up with some sort of infection.
10. Hair accessories that we keep in there “just in case,” but we’re never going to use them because we grab a new bobby pin, hair clip, or hair tie before we leave the house anyway.
11. Chapstick or lip balm that’s on its wits end.
12. A guys number from approximately four months ago, but he was so damn hot, we’re not ready to part ways with it even though we don’t have the b*lls to call him either.
13. A maybe-used/maybe-not-used tissue.
14. An old water bottle.
15. The first set of house keys we’ve ever got. The locks keep changing, but we keep forgetting what key is the most current.
16. Cracked MAC eyeshadow that’s hard to apply, but we love the color and just want to stare at it.
17. An empty bottle of Sabon lotion.
18. Prescriptions that were never filled.
19. Hand sanitizer that’s SO strong, we’ll never use it. Well, maybe one day. Probably not, though.
20. Old movie tickets.
21. EDM tickets…from the first time we went.
22. Three $1 bills.
23. Coupons that we realized expired the day before, but leave at the bottom of our bag anyway.
24. A pair of underwear from our booty call the night before.
25. Bank statements, just to remind ourselves we only have $.54 cents in our account.
26. A traveling sewing kit for emergencies, meanwhile the last thing on our mind during an emergency is that exact kit. Probably because we don’t know how to sew anyway.
27. Our To Do list from two weeks ago.
28. A spare cell charger that’s been wrapped up so many times, the ends split, and therefore it doesn’t even work anymore.
29. Apple earphones we assume we’ll need one day, but don’t even have anything on us that they can plug-in to.
30. Maxed out gift cards.
31. A lighter with no fluid.

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