6 Things You Need to Know Before Attending a Bachelorette Party

Attending a bachelorette party is yet another excuse to go out with the girls and act wild. Right? Well, for some brides and their guests that might be the case, but for others, not so much. Regardless of the type of hen party you are throwing, or attending, there are a few golden rules you should always go by. Besides foolishly acting like high school girls and 86ing strippers, here are six things to keep in mind before the outing:

1. It’s All About the Bride-To-Be

The purpose of a bachelorette party is to celebrate the future Mrs., but for some reason, people leave this in hindsight when in reality it is the most important rule of attending the girls-only shindig. Bridesmaids and guests tend to make the festivities about the entire group, instead of *ALL* about the bride-to-be. Maybe it has to do with monetary reason, that guests think it’s okay to make it about themselves too because in most cases they’re spending a lump-sum of money. Suck it up and focus on the one and only reason you’ve come together in the first place: the bride.

2. It’s Okay to Ask for a Guest List

Preparing a guest list for a bachelorette party can be tedious. Who do you invite and who can you leave out without offending? Conventionally, a hen party should be compromised of bridesmaids only.  Depending on the scope of the party, the bride might want to include a few others who weren’t asked to be a part of the wedding for whatever reason. Case in point: Your best bet is to have the guest of honor hand you off a guest list.

3. You’re Going to Disburse Lots of Money

Evidently, you’re going to have to spend some money, and we are using the term “some” loosely here, at these types of pre-wedding functions. What most don’t realize, though, is how much money it will actually end up costing. Keep in mind, traditionally, the guest of honor should not be paying for anything; all costs are to be covered by the party guests. With that being said, each type of party varies as well. You might be asked to participate in a Caribbean weekend getaway, a night out on the town for dinner and drinks, or maybe something as simple as a spa day. Regardless, it’s always a good idea to start saving early.

3. Expect to Be a Party Planner, Assign Roles

They say the Maid of Honor is responsible for planning the bachelorette party, but today, it seems like more and more people are taking the approach of assigning specific roles to everyone that’s attending. You don’t have to be an expert party planner to get the job done; all you need is a little help from everyone, and trust us, the less the bachelorette is involved, the better. By assigning specific roles to each guest, it becomes less stressful of a task. Whether you’re doing something big or something a bit more low-key, here are some roles that can be assigned: Choose someone to coordinate a date, time, and venue. Another for places to go and things to see. Another to look into hotels and transportation. Appoint someone, or a few people, to pick up any goodies, whether it’s food and drinks or diiiirty, sexy bachelorette items (penis decor and all!). Trust us, there’s something for everyone in the party to do.

4. There’s Going to Be Tension

Planning the party? Expect tension. During the party? Expect tension. That’s just the nature of us girls. At this point, everyone is going to be at each other’s throat for one reason or another. Presumably, the wedding will be just shy of a month, so everyone’s emotions are running high. Some will agree on one thing, and others will agree on the total opposite. Just keep in mind it’s about the bride more than it is about anyone else.

6. Social Media Usage Should Be Limited

We get it. You’re out with your girls and you’re feeling super cute and sexy, but over a bachelorette weekend, the Instagram and Facebook pics should be limited. Live in the moment and don’t let the thought of posting pics to your socials get in the middle of that. Besides, depending on who you’re celebrating with and the nature of the party, there might be some wild pics that have no business being posted up there for everyone to see.

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