Holding Hands Saved This Couple's Lives

This could be the one and only time that PDA is somewhat acceptable, mostly because it ended up saving this young couple’s lives.
According to CBS Los Angeles, Dylan Corliss and Lexie Varga were taking an afternoon stroll when a storm rolled through the area. Suddenly, the two fell to the ground feeling like they’d been hit with a metal object, only to realize that they had been struck by lightning. They continued onto their lunch destination (like, seriously?) until one of their parents suggested it might be a good idea to head to the doctor’s office, just in case. Not a bad idea, Mom.
The two were left feeling a bit tingly and somewhat achey after the indecent, but because they were holding hands, the shock traveled through both of their bodies instead of just one. Had it just been one body, it could’ve developed heart problems or burns. “These two were lucky they that they were holding hands. It helped to diffuse the electrical current that ran through their bodies,” said Dr. Stefan Reynoso to CBS.
People are saying Dylan and Lexie’s love is “electric” because of this event. Vomit. But hey, lesson learned – hold someone’s hand during a lightening storm. Or just don’t walk in a lightening storm at all. The choice is yours.

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