Work Out Wednesday: Just Kicking It!

Working out can (and should!) be fun. In order to achieve this, you need to step outside of the realm of traditional training; seeking out something new, seeking out something exciting, and seeking out something that’s going to give you your kicks…literally. Cardio Kickboxing classes have increased tremendously over the last decade. New schools are popping up on every corner, and it’s unusual to find a gym that doesn’t offer some type of kickboxing class. You may even have a class on your campus. Cardio Kickboxing classes are excellent for all levels. It can provide you with a high intensity full body workout, and let’s not forget the most important thing, you get to kick the crap out of something! While most cardio classes focuses primarily on cardio (obvious); cardio kickboxing not only achieves those aerobic goals, but also provides you with a resistance component that strengthens and conditions muscles. With different types of cardio kickboxing classes out there, it is usually a good idea to first establish what you are looking to achieve from the class. Try a few classes then pick which program works best for you. For example, if the thought of sweaty gloves and hitting a pad or bag isn’t appealing, well than maybe a strictly cardio-based kickboxing class is right for you. If after a long day all you want to do is workout hard, zone out, and take out you frustrations on an inanimate object, well than you would love heavy bag-centered classes. If you enjoy group workouts with friends, motivating each other, and pushing each other harder throughout a workout, then group pad work would be perfect for you. So if your ready to put on your gloves and throw some kicks in the air, then get out there and find a class that works for you! But before you’re ready to hit some bags and kick some ass, here are some basics or “bas-kicks” that will get you ready and prepared for your first class. Remember that these are practice tools, tools depicting some of the basic moves that you may find in a cardio kickboxing class. These moves can be preformed with a heavy back, striking mitts, or in the air (preferably not around valuables, like your TV). Remember to breath throughout these movements, exhaling as you punch or kick out and inhaling as your return your arm or leg back to the starting position. Finally nothing beats learning first hand, take a trial class and see how you like it, different instructor teach different ways. Most importantly keep in mind that you always control the pace of your workout; how fast and how slow.   Push yourself at your own pace and do not get discouraged if you find yourself-having a hard time. Cardio kickboxing is a different type of cardio, which takes practice to build up. Have fun, have a great work out, and “kick” some ass!

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