The Meek Mill & Drake Beef Is Finally Over

Yes! It’s official! It looks like the beef between Meek Mill and Drake is finally over. I’m sure everyone is quite aware of the pair has been engaging in a crazy feud all fueled by the one and only social media, when Meek started pointing fingers at Drake for not writing his own music. Like wildfire, memes were born and so were diss tracks, which left a lot of people seeing Drake as the obvious victor in this whole thing.
But, last night, Meek decided to take to Instagram and left a long comment basically taking responsibility for this whole thing. He even decided to delete his diss track, “Wanna Know” off of his SoundCloud account but, a lot of people suspect it was because of the copyright infringement that he was receiving from the WWE.
Unfortunately, he has now deleted the Instagram comment but, luckily someone screenshot and shared it with the everyone.
Check out Meek Mill’s full comment down below.

I’m just glad this whole thing is over and done. To be honest, I don’t think that Meek Mill had any business starting anything with Drake at all. I just feel like a lot of this apology was stemmed from Meek Mill wanting to save face.
But, for all we know, Meek could decide to change his mind and continue on with this feud with Drake because Meek Mill did apologize to Drake once before while he was on stage at the Pinkprint Tour and ended up putting out a diss track and Drake is also rumored to release another diss track “3 Peat” real soon.
So, who knows?

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