21 Secrets All Women Have (But Never Admit To)

Ladies, please forgive me if I’m about to spill the beans on our entire existence. However, it’s about time the world knows what it is that makes us tick and what we absolutely despise. You may not realize it now, but you’ll be thanking me later when your bf still gets you a gift after you told him not to.

1. Sometimes we don’t actually have our period; we just don’t want to have sex with you.

Sorry ’bout it.

2. When we say no gifts…

That’s a flat out lie.

3. Or when we say that everything is fine.

Another damn lie.

4. We keep things from previous relationships.

Those were nice earrings, okay.

5. We check out other girls.

And are often jealous.

6. When you’re introduced to a new guy, you immediately wonder if he’s single.

Especially after a long dry spell.

7. We’ve thought about what it would be like to hook up with our guy friend(s)…often.

They’re hot. You’re hot. It’s a secret fantasy.

8. We have our wedding planned out, down to the final detail.

Pinterest is a beautiful thing.

9. If no one’s home, we enjoy peeing with the door open.

So freeing.

10. We stalk our exes on social media…and random other people.

Because sometimes you just really want to know how Susie is from fifth grade.

11. We watch porn.

Just as much as guys. Okay…maybe not that much.

12. We hang out naked for as long as we possibly can post showering.

Clothes. SIGH.

13. Sometimes binge-watching ‘New Girl‘ and drinking a whole bottle of wine (sans glass) is the answer to all of life’s problems.

Don’t judge.

14. Shaving is definitely not a priority when we’re not in a relationship.

Or if it’s winter.

15. We aren’t actually interested in this basketball game.

But since you’re so passionate about it, we pretend to be too.

16. After eating a few baby carrots, we feel like the healthiest person in the world.

And feel entitled to eat a piece of chocolate as a reward.

17. We secretly envy you (men)…

For not having to push out a baby. Or go through that time of the month.

18. We compare our ex-boyfriends to our current one.

We can’t help it.

19. When we say we’re on our way, we usually haven’t left the house yet.

And then blame the reason why we’re late on traffic.

20. We check out our guy’s butt when he leaves the room.

Because it’s just so squeezable.

21. We like when men get a little jealous.

Just not overly so.
So there you have it. The guide to girlhood. For any of the men who may be reading this, you’re welcome.

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